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Ah, the Swedish spreader. For all your applications of fat.These are made from black birch. I direct your attention to the Drew Langsners’ Country Workshops website at where he has described his method for making them and has examples. When i retire, i would like to take a class with Drew. Ah, when i retire.


Here is the one i use to spread my peanut butter at work. I have been carving these from willow i got out on the island. its soft and works fast, and has this beautiful color, perhaps from lying around for a while in the wet before i collected it.


Finishing up a spoon, to get ready for some new work this spring.This is the Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) i harvested up on 48th street after Hurricane Sandy. It is nice wood, hard and smooth and darkening nicely. I have a few chunks left, enough for four large spoons perhaps.

Here is a spoon made from some sweet cherry i found on Fire Island last year, There is alot of sapwood on this piece, and i decided not to fight but to develop the sweep of the handle,and accentuate the curve of that grain.

Twin Screw Vise

Posting some quick shots of the twin screw vise i made, after seeing an episode of the Woodwrights’ shop online, 2012-2013 Season: Two Screws for You! with Roy Underhill and Chris Schwarz, and deciding this was just the thing i was looking for. I had purchased a one and a half inch screw box and thread cutter some time back, and decided to give it a try. The screws are made of some maple dowling and the left over poplar five quarter stock from a saw bench i had made late last year works for the vise jaws.. It came out ok, i had to fudge the holes in the front clamp a bit with a rasp to make everything line up, which i why i have a sign over the man-cave announcing the Woodwwrongs’ Shop, but more about that later.


Self-knowledge does not mean preoccupation with ones own thoughts; rather, it means concern about the effects one creates. It is only the effects our lives produce that let us know whether what we have done means progress or regression.

— from the I Ching, hexagram Kuan # 20

keeping vigil

Floppy was born today. Sheeba needed a lot of help learning how to be a good mother, which Kali miraculously provided. Here she is keeping vigil.