a little about me and my work

Whether it is spoons, bowels, boxes or books, I believe that everyone would want to, like to touch , use, own, something handmade, something crafted by hand every now and again. I believe that this, unlike the mass produced smooth plastic disposables, puts them in touch with, back in touch with, their humanity, humility, mortality.

It also puts them in touch with me, and I with them.

The material i use, mostly green wood, are a precious commodity here i where i live. But no matter where one lives, wood is a natural resource and should be respected and protected. I try to follow the three Rs of environmentalism; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I try to use, whenever possible, locally sourced wood — and i don’t cut down trees, (on the whole, thats pretty much frowned on here in the city).  I do hunt through the park for those piles of wood headed for the chipper -and the waste, the chips i produce from carving  – goes back on the compost pile, completing the cycle.

I would like everyone who receives a spoon to think about this process as a way of living,
humbly connecting one once again to all of nature.

Steve Heffernan
Hells Kitchen, NY

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