Twin Screw Vise

Posting some quick shots of the twin screw vise i made, after seeing an episode of the Woodwrights’ shop online, 2012-2013 Season: Two Screws for You! with Roy Underhill and Chris Schwarz, and deciding this was just the thing i was looking for. I had purchased a one and a half inch screw box and thread cutter some time back, and decided to give it a try. The screws are made of some maple dowling and the left over poplar five quarter stock from a saw bench i had made late last year works for the vise jaws.. It came out ok, i had to fudge the holes in the front clamp a bit with a rasp to make everything line up, which i why i have a sign over the man-cave announcing the Woodwwrongs’ Shop, but more about that later.